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The the development of our VORNet equipment and Wireless Displays resulted from our experience of solving tough communications and monitoring problems at remote sites. This experience involved meteorological, geotechnical, seismic, hydrological, aerospace, and industrial applications of computer, wireless, telemetry, networking, data-communications, and electronics technology.


Hardened Remote Camera Unit VORNet Video-Over-Radio with remotely-controlled Rainbow CCTV lens

Remote Camera Unit VORNet Video-Over-Radio for industrial sites

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LCD 6-line DisplayWireless Display

TMC Front PanelTMC Auto-Dialer

Summary of Qualifications

Matrix-5 is a technology-based firm with the mission to develop and manufacture remote digital video monitoring products using data-communications and embedded processor technology. Matrix-5 has been operating for 14 years; the principals have directly related technical and management experience spanning 20 years.

In general, we develop and manufacture embedded-controller monitoring and message-transmission products which employ advanced radio-modem networks for data, messages, and notifications. Some of our products include proprietary software to provide more advanced features at lower cost. However, we tend to take an 'open architecture' approach. A constant effort is made to apply proven technology and 'standard product' components.

Please note that a major growth market is now served by our product line: wireless long-range digital video security and other remote wireless monitoring equipment.

Areas of application for our wireless monitoring technology are:

Schools, colleges, universities
Medical services facilities
Outdoor amusement parks and recreational areas
Industrial facilities
Construction sites, mines and remote extractive operations
Outdoor athletic competition sites such as golf-courses and bike-races

Manufacturability and serviceability are considered very important. Areas of expertise such as software, user-interfaces, digital hardware, analog hardware, materials-science, and data-communications are combined with solid, practical experience with enclosures, sealing, isolation, transient protection, diagnostics, ruggedizing, maintenance, and connectorizing.

Regarding system integration, we are as familiar and comfortable with software and the Internet as we are with PCB-design, board-stuffing and cable-assembly. Similarly, we are flexible regarding suppliers. When one supplier doesn't provide a good fit to new or unique customer needs, we can rapidly find and use another.

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Example Products

Following are a number of key products which exhibit our design and manufacturing capabilities.

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Links to companies we use and recommend

Rugged CCD cameras for industrial and scientific digital imaging systems. (Electrim Inc.)
Rugged motorized lenses and high-performance IR illuminators for remote video monitoring systems. (ISO-RAINBOW Inc.)
Industrial grade, outdoor-rated, large-format Liquid Crystal Displays. (LXD INC.)
High-speed, long-range, low-power (no-license) radio modems. (FREEWAVE)
Advanced, low-cost 16-bit IBM-AT-type controllers with PC-software compatability. (TERN Inc.)
Easily-networked, reliable, precision analog and digital I/O (smart remote transmitters). (DGH Corp.)
Responsive electronic parts and semiconductor distributor. (FUTURE ACTIVE)
Ruggedized, high-performance industrial computers. (MCSI)
Advanced seismic early-warning network components. (USBR seismo group)
Creative microcontroller solutions and low-power micro-PLCs. (Blue Earth Research)


Matrix-5 Technologies, Inc. Voice: 303-987-2713 Fax: 303-987-2719


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